Portland & Beyond

There are SO many beautiful locations in and around Portland, OR that are PERFECT for your session. Read a little about some of my favorites, below! Please note: some locations require a small photography fee to shoot on site, while other’s may incur a travel fee. Please contact me for details on your location.


The Pearl

The ultimate classic Portland location is centered in the Pearl district. Walk the industrial and old brick buildings, the tree-lined streets, the bridges, and the quaint shops with their twinkling lights.

The Park

There are many parks in and around the Portland area. With tall evergreen pines, green grass, and spectacular spring and fall colors, it’s a quintessential PNW location for your session.

The Garden

From the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden with its peaceful paths and bridges, to rose gardens in the rose city, there is no shortage of flowers in the Portland area anytime of year. In the spring, cherry blossoms and tulips make an appearance as well.


The Mountain

Mount Hood, Mirror Lake, the Meadows, and more. Hike or drive up to some of Oregon’s highest elevations for spectacular views. In the spring and summer you will find valley’s full of wildflowers, while winter provides a fairytale winter wonderland.


The Beach

If you aren’t thinking “beach” when you hear “Oregon",” then you don’t know Oregon. The Oregon Coast is a few hours away and is bursting with beauty. Soak up the salty air, hunt for beach treasures, make s’mores with a beach bonfire, and listen to the waves crash along the rocky coastline. Beach sessions are good for the soul anytime of year.


The Waterfall

There are dozen’s of beautiful waterfall’s a short drive from the Portland area. Many are just a short, paved 5-10 minute hike. Other’s offer more of hike (and a view). Many allow hikers to hike right to the base of the falls. Hike in at sunrise for a beautiful and quiet experience.