About Me

I'm Cassie Duffle, owner and operator of Cassie Duffle Photography. I'm an Okie transplant currently in Portland, Oregon.

I started my business when my daughter was born six years ago. I left my job in elementary education to stay home with my newborn, and discovered photography as a way to document the beauty of everyday life with a new baby. 

A few fun facts about me:

  • First, drink the Coffee.

  • A perfect evening involves wine, takeout, and Netflix.

  • When given the choice between a thing or an experience, I will always choose an experience.

  • Travel is my first love.

  • I met my husband at the age of 15…at a theme park. We exchanged emails, not phone numbers.

  • My tiny human is my mini me. Not only does she look like me, she inherited my sarcasm.

About my Art

I love the post-production process of photography. I meticulously hand-edit each and every one of my photographs, because I believe in the power of composing meaningful art. My photographs are created to present the truest, most beautiful representation of my clients.  I specialize in capturing and evoking genuine emotion though photographic art. Whether I am working with a couple, family, child, or business executive, I have the experience and knowledge to communicate their story through exquisite and unique artistic images.


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Photo Courtesy of Christie Mellor Photography
Mommy and Me
2018 Family