Family Farm

When I was nine years old, we moved to a small town just outside of Altus, Oklahoma. My parents purchased 10 acres to start a little “farm,” which wasn’t so much of a side hustle as a side hobby. We didn’t grow anything, but we did have quite the selection of animals. In all of this, I attended lamb camp (oh, yes. It’s a thing), climbed hay bales, raised chickens, and fed a baby calf. We threw in the towel after three years, and returned to the city (where we darn-well belonged). In retrospect, it all seems quite comical…I mean, I have some really awkward and hilarious stories from that time in my life, which I will refrain from putting in writing (ask me when you see me).

We still visit Oklahoma at least twice a year to see family and friends now that we have moved to Portland, Oregon. While there, we always spend at least a little while with Andrew’s mom in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Samantha and Brandon are in the country, not far from Chickasha, and have been my clients for a few years now. I have watched her little girl grow up over the last three years, and I feel like I’m a part of their family. These two bring “family farm” to a new level. With 240 acres of cows and rolling grass-covered hills, what’s not to love? They purchased their farm in 2016, but Brandon’s parents owned it before that. In fact, it’s been in the family for over 40 years. Talk about a legacy.

While in Chickasha this summer, I did a session with Samantha and her family. This time around, I drove out to their farm near Verden, Oklahoma. We did photos in front of the old barn house, and then overlooking some of their land and cattle. I’m not going to lie, it was hot….but it was also totally magical. Check it out:

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