They don’t call Portland “Bridgetown” for nothing. There are a dozen bridges that span the Willamette River, each unique in its own way. Locals and visitors enjoy walking and biking many of them, and you can find hats, shirts and stickers adorned with them in nearly every souvenir shop.

One of the most beautiful, and iconic bridges of Portland is the St. John’s Bridge. St. John’s is the only steel suspension bridge in Portland. Its gothic architecture inspires the name of the park that sits at its base. Cathedral Park is also known as one of the stops on the legendary journey of Lewis and Clark.

When Samantha and Allen suggested St. John’s for their engagement session, I was all-in. The two are planning a wedding for February, 2020 right here in Portland, so the iconic St. John’s provided the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos. Take a look: