Mud and Tulips

I recently posted some tulip photo’s on Instagram from this year’s visit to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon. The photo’s were more popular than I ever expected, and several of you have asked for details on how these photos were created. Sooooo I would share a little about the creation and vision…

The tulip festival is REALLY that beautiful. The location makes the photo in this case. The tulip festival here in Oregon really is worth a visit. Tulip festivals typically run from beginning of April to the first of May, and can be found across the US and Canada.

In Oregon, April is dubbed “mud season” for a reason. It rains A LOT this time of year. But nothing SCREAMS spring more than mud, stormy skies, and beautiful flowers. The first year we attended the tulip festival, it poured rain the entire time. This year we got a bit of a break, but it was still overcast. The overcast light with the tulips is my personal favorite, but I’m positive that sunsets in a tulip field would be just as beautiful. Moral of the story is…embrace the weather. It’s part of the experience.

When it comes to edit, you do you. My personal preference is to go the dramatic route and show off the brilliant colors of the field. A little before and after:


Obviously I enhanced the sky, and brightened my subject. I also chose spots in the field that showed the most dramatic color options. A texture overlay also helped create some drama.

I would love to see your tulip festival photo’s. Tag me on instagram at @cdufflephoto #cdufflephoto_tulips for a feature on my account!