Spring Break

Every year, I always wish I planned something for Spring Break. I’m usually disappointed though, because I wait too long to make plans and everything is already booked up within driving distance. This year I had some help from a friend, however.

I met Janice when our daughters attended PreK together at Pipster…her daughter P gave my daughter a unicorn and asked to do a playdate sometime. Our families get together on occasion with another Pipster Prep graduate. Each family has one kid, all girls in kindergarten. I often say the dynamic works so well because the adults outnumber the children. Ha.

Anyways, Janice found us this amazing house in Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. We spent four days hanging out and watching sunsets while our girls collected beach treasure. It was pretty epic. On our last night, I did a short mini session for her family after noticing that it had been awhile since they updated the photos on their living room wall. Hopefully a few of these end up being wall-worthy!

Cassie Duffle