Photographing Photographers

As a photographer, I can tell you that most of us prefer our place BEHIND the camera. Many of us are artists and perfectionists, and we struggle with turning over control of the photo to someone else. I think I speak for everyone (not just photographers) when I say that having your photo taken can really be an anxiety-ridden process. I think most everyone want's to be photographed looking their best (amiright?!).

This is why when another photographer hires you to do photos for them, you sorta feel like a rockstar. They are trusting you to make them look their best! This is especially true when that someone is as incredibly talented as Summer Brader Photography. Summer and her husband Eric visit Oregon every year, but are local to the Chicagoland area. Summer and Eric were absolutely stunning and SO in-love. Summer’s work is absolutely gorgeous. She has an eye for creating meaningful images for families.

Summer and Eric love to stay at McMenamin’s Edgefield when they come to Oregon. Since they were staying on-property, we were able to do the session there. The resort property offers some lovely nooks for photos, especially in the spring and summer when everything is in bloom. I cannot wait to share a few of my favorites from this session: