What is Lifestyle Photography?

What is Lifestyle Photography?

It is NOT:

  • Documenting every moment: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the nose picking…that’s DOCUMENTARY photography

  • Leaving photo’s unedited or RAW to preserve “authenticity”

  • Over-editing to bring out every wrinkle and “flaw”

  • When people that have a perfect life and a perfect house hire you to take perfect pictures

  • Some strange lady coming over to your home for a few hours and creepily taking photos of you around the corners

Ok…well that last one is only PARTLY true. I am a strange lady (typically in your home) taking photos of you, but I swear it’s far less awkward than it sounds. Here is what Lifestyle Photography IS:

  • A blend of posed and “unposed” photographs documenting your family in their natural habitat

  • Photographs that focus on CONNECTION and LOVE

  • Moments that are often staged or set-up and then allowed to play out in their own way

  • Edited just enough for light and color balance, and to generally make you look like a pretty human, but we keep it real…You look the best version of you.

  • The best version of YOUR life, YOUR house, YOUR family, and YOUR love in photograph form. The authenticity stays… And no, you don’t have to be perfect.

Annie’s lifestyle family session was, however, a PERFECT example of exactly what a lifestyle session should be. It was a gorgeous Sunday evening, and we were able to spend some time indoors and out. I loved that grandma jumped in for a few photos, and handed me some (delish) zucchini from her garden. It felt as though I was right at home and part of the Wallace family. This is my second year photographing this sweet family, and it was such a treat to spend an afternoon with them. I simply love when I get to work with the same family year after year, because it means I get to watch the little one’s grow! Seriously, how adorable is little I??? Check ‘em out:

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