Three and Three-Quarters

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of working with Mindy and her sweet family. Their son is probably one of the smartest small human’s I’ve ever met. Seriously.

As I approached Mindy and her family at the Hoyt Arboretum and introduced myself, I was immediately met by Joshua. I always love to introduce myself and chat with the kid’s first…you know, to get them on my side. ;-) Joshua legitimately surprised me with his very adult voice, perfect pronunciation, and use of several “big words.” When I asked how old he was? He responded with “three and three quarters.” My mouth fell open. As our session went on, Joshua continued to surprise me. At one point, I pointed to some flowers and asked, “what color are those?” to which (of course) he correctly replied “yellow.” As a joke, I ask “ok, but how do you SPELL it?"“ And would you believe he spelled it? Without hesitation. Guys, he’s THREE. At another point, Joshua recited his multiplication tables all the way up through 6x12… I’ll be honest, I don’t know 6x12. Seriously, this kid. But in addition to his big brain? He’s got a GREAT BIG HEART. Seriously, his laugh was the best. Check it out: