Perry Family (Part III) Newborn

Ah! I just LOVE squishy newborns, don't you? They have that newborn smell, a sweet little cry, and a snuggly softness to their skin and hair.

While I don't do posed newborn sessions on the regular, I do offer them as part of my New Beginnings package. I like to take a casual, minimalist, lifestyle approach to these sessions, because honestly, families have enough going on in the first two weeks after are usually pretty far down on their list of "fun things to do." I don't bring a whole lot with me, and use the furnishings and blankets parents already have in their home. The documentary sort of approach to these sessions seems to take a lot of the pressure off of families, and allows them to relax a little.

It's always a nice bonus when a family has a gorgeous home like the Perry Family's home. They had lovely, large windows, with beautiful natural light even on a cloudy day. I'm so excited about this final chapter in their birth series because of the abundance of joy, love, and peace exuding from this gorgeous family.