One BIG Happy Family

I've done many extended family sessions, and I get inquiries for them regularly. A family photo makes a wonderful gift, and many parents and grandparents aim to capture the entire extended family for their wall displays and brag books. I love doing these types of sessions, because it allows me to move around like a ninja, chasing little ones, making mom look like a movie star, dad a super hero, and grandpa and grandma as in love as the day they met.


When the Matveyev family contacted me to do a large family session in the West Linn area, I was totally pumped to take it to the next level with their family of 61!!! Can you imagine? The matriarch and patriarch of this family had 16 children together, which has resulted in 32 grandchildren. How beautiful is that? What an amazing legacy. But aside from all that, I must say what impresses me most is that this big, beautiful, happy family is able to coordinate not only their schedules, but their clothing, and all show up for this huge, amazing photo session. In a strange twist of fate, one of the families were unable to make it to this huge session, because they went into labor with baby number two on the day of our scheduled session. It all worked out though! They were able to come back the very next week, and I was able to photoshop them right into the giant family photo!

I'm in love with how all of these turned out. This family nailed their wardrobe, and were so happy, and in love. Their photos truly speak to their strong family ties: