Perry Family (Part I) Maternity

Fun Fact- All mom's need friends.  Back before we moved to Portland, I scoured social media looking to connect with other mom's. I had a great network of friends in Oklahoma, and as a mom, it's imperative to my sanity to have some adult friends. Seriously. How am I supposed to cope with this raging five-inator without an occasional happy hour and "mom talk"?!

I met Amber through a Portland Mom's group on Facebook. We have a few things in common- our hubbies both work for shoe companies doing techie computer stuff, we both have family in Oklahoma, and we both have adorable (yet somewhat ornery) little girls. Naturally, I was thrilled when she reached out for photos. Shooting for friends makes my job easy (and my inappropriate jokes SO much funnier ;-)). Amber booked me for a "New Beginnings" package, so I'm super excited to share Fresh 48 and Documentary Newborn photos in a few weeks! For now, take a look at how beautiful this mama and her family are: