That Time it Snowed

In Oklahoma, when it snows, it's a big deal. People are still talking about the Christmas Eve blizzard of 2009. We got about a foot of snow in a 24 hour period in a city that rarely gets more than an ice storm or flurry. It was madness, and shut down the city for WEEKS.

It turns out, snow is a big deal here in Portland too. In an odd twist of fate, Oklahoma and Portland both got snow storms this week, although from what I understand, Oklahoma's storm was mostly made up of sleet (which in many ways is sooo much more dangerous!). Portland got close to 6-8 inches in total so far this week, although there was some melting between storms. Regardless, it turned the city into an absolute winter wonderland. I couldn't resist taking my camera on the short walk up the hill to Washington Park on Wednesday morning. We played for hours sledding and stomping around in the snow drifts. The park looked like something straight out of Narnia. Check it out: