WHY Do I Do This EVERY Year?

Remember last year, when I schlepped a tent, all our camping supplies, and my family out to a beach three hours away, and got ready in a campground bathroom… all for just a few family photo’s between rainstorms?

I love to make things as difficult as possible if that means getting an epic family photo for the family Christmas card. I reason, it’s once a year, and SURELY, at some point, Z will appreciate that I made an effort for family photos every year. Right? RIGHT?! I mean, in theory, by using my cheap-o remote and tripod, I saved us money by not having to hire a photographer (let’s just not count that fancy pants equipment that costs so much).

This year, we had the idea to do the whole lumberjack look by the snowy mountain. I collected and coordinated overly, matchy-matchy outfits and made the plan to go snag some photos at some lake I had seen a sign for last time I was at Mt. Hood. Doing zero research, I discovered that the base of the mountain (and Mirror Lake- our destination) did not have snow this time of year. (who knew?).. Nevertheless, the mountain is snow packed and beautiful this time of year.

We pulled into the parking lot of the “trailhead,” and I realized I didn’t have a coat. “Oh well,” I thought, “this will probably be a super short walk. The lake is clearly just right down that paved pathway.” NOPE. The lake is a mile of switchbacks and mostly up-hill climbs, which may not sound like much to you, but it was a lot for a five-year-old. It took us over an hour to HIKE to the lake. Good thing it was such a workout, or I probably would have been cold…silver lining folks.

All joking aside, these turned out both hilarious, and beautiful. I don’t regret our adventure at all, and am SO glad we have some fun family photo’s for the Christmas card this year.