1,909 Miles to Home


As most of you are well aware by now, we recently made a HUGE move. My husband and I are from Oklahoma, and have lived there pretty much our entire lives. Both of our families are from Oklahoma and have also lived there for the greater parts of their lives. In short, we are true Okies through and through.

Let me just tell you, moving half-way across the US is NOT for the faint of heart. From the time we announced that we were moving, to the time Andrew left to start his new position, was only about 2 weeks. We immediately put our house on the market, and began the process of putting finishing touches on getting our home ready to sell. Thank goodness his new job covered the packing. moving, and shipping, which left us the opportunity to spend our last week as a family together with our extended families. 

Did I mention we moved from 2,000 sq ft to 800?! While I'm super relieved to have so much less to take care of and clean, narrowing down our possessions to fit in our new townhome was no easy feat. There's a whole Salvation Army somewhere with our name on it.

Once Andrew left for work in Portland, Zoe and I finished up packing our suitcase for the following 2.5 weeks and loaded our schedule down with as many playdates, dinners, family time, and outings we could fit in. In the mean time, our home went under contract, Andrew picked up keys for our rental, and the packers and movers came for all our earthly belongings. It was a whirlwind for sure.

The night before our 7am flight, I woke up at 2am with the worst panic attack I've ever had. Unable to calm down, I got up for a drink of water and blacked out in my dad's kitchen floor. Nerves be damned, I still made it on the flight the next morning. I'll never forget that flight. I had these ridiculous butterflies the entire time, as I realized it was my first one-way flight ever. Don't get me wrong, I WANTED to come to Portland. I was excited about the prospect of living in the city, but man was I scared!

But once I landed, I was at peace. The cool air hit me, and we had a day to a spend exploring our new neighborhood. In fact, the truck took a week to deliver our belongings, so Zoe and I spent a lot of time that first week checking out Portland via public transit.

Here we are, two weeks later, and we are pretty much completely unpacked. I am so ready and happy to start this new chapter. I am still pinching myself in complete disbelief that I live in such a beautiful place. Be ready for a photo OVERLOAD on Instagram!

Keep tuning in. More updates to come!

Xoxo, Cassie

Cassie Duffle