Raise your hand if you use Google to find professionals in your area?? I Google (as a verb) almost everyday. It's handy. They have a way of knowing exactly what you're searching for, and put those matches up top. But when it come to photographers (or any pro), the competition for making the first page search is STIFF. You have to be on-it when it comes to SEO, and it's almost always necessary to pay Google AdWords to make it to the top of the search results...(Have I lost you yet??).

But Google KNOWS ya'll. And they somehow matched me with this little family...A PERFECT match, I might add. Meet the Beddingfield's. I think Tanis and I may have been besties in another life. Their session was easy, gorgeous, and FUN. And how stunning is this mama-to-be?!

Cassie Duffle