What's in a Name?

Confession Time. I am HORRIBLE with names. It does not bode well for a customer-service business like Photography. I try. I REALLY try. I even "Facebook creep" occasionally before sessions to see if I can figure out names in advance, or email clients directly and ask. I ALWAYS ask at the beginning of sessions, but I still just can't seem to remember. Call it mom brain, but when it comes time to give directions to little Johnny, my mouth spews "James." I usually opt for a "little guy," a "brother," or some other easy nickname, but sometimes I just can't help it, and I spout out the wrong name. Over and over.

Guys, I can't tell you how many time this has happened. It's made 10 times worse when it's someone I actually know in real-life. Take Heather, for example. She is the Social Media Coordinator over at The Oklahoma City Mom's Blog. We have had conversations about her son, I've read her blog posts, and I definitely know his name. But when it came time for their session this week? I called him Archer. Over and over. Luckily he (and his parents) are pretty easy-going, so no one held it against me (I think).

Their session turned out beautiful, despite my mom brain. I love working with mellow, happy people like this little family. Check it out:

Cassie Duffle