Give me Moore

I was living in Moore on May, 20th 2013. For those of you living under a rock, or those just not familiar with Okie lore, that was the day a massive F5 tornado came barreling through the center of Moore, Oklahoma. I was near the tornado, but luckily didn't sustain any damage or injury. However, the tornado had devastating effects. Twenty-four people lost their lives that day, and more than three-hundred were injured. I have a soft spot for the city of Moore and the resilience they have demonstrated as a city. And I must say, it's exciting to see their growth over the last few years.

I had a recent session with long-time Moore resident, Brittany Dennis (of Molly Mae Photography). Her home sustained minor damage on May 20th, but other's on her street weren't so lucky. She has a love for her city, and to see her loyalty to her home town is down-right heart-warming. So when she suggested a brand new (amazing) park in Moore as her desired location for her photo session, I just couldn't say no! Not only did she want to feature her family, her adorable little girl, and snag some headshots, it was important to her to showcase HER city.

Take a look!