Is It Just Me, Or Is The Dog Smiling??

In case you didn't know, Portland is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US (Woof!). While my family doesn't own any pets for a whole number of reasons that my daughter refuses to accept (mostly because I know WHO will be caring for it, and I. just. can't. add ONE more thing to the plate), we actually LOVE fur babies...Especially dogs. It is always super fun when a client requests to bring their pup along to the photo session, because it means that I get to play for an hour or two with someone else's pet, and kindly return him/her at the end of the session. It's pretty much like being the fun aunt- all the fun without any of the responsibility. Sign me up!

Kihei was the perfect pet subject. As the first-born to this sweet family, she set the bar on how to pose and what to do. It's pretty clear that she is the center of attention, and one of the most loved fur babies I've ever had the fortune to meet. Have YOU ever seen a dog smile?!