Camp Beachside

Last weekend, Andrew had a down week in his online course, and we were just itching to get out and see more of Oregon. Late in the week, we decided we would tent camp at Beachside State Park, after nearly every state park, hotel, cabin, and yurt was completely sold out.

It's been YEARS since I've tent camped, and we haven't ever done it with Zoe (unless the backyard counts). We schlepped the tiny tent we had before we had Z all the way to Oregon, only to decide that it was much too small for camping with a kid (I like my personal space, ha!). So Andrew purchased a tent on clearance the night before, which turned out to be a tent MANSION. Seriously, it barely fit in our camp site, and we had to stretch it across the parking spot to fit. BUT, it was super nice to have enough space for our beds, and be able to actually stand up inside.

Fitting all of the camping junk in the tiny car was tricky, and we will be purchasing a roof rack before we do it again. It took several times of packing and re-packing, but we managed to get almost everything on the 3 hour drive to Beachside. The beach was BEAUTIFUL, and we had beach access just down a trail from our campsite. How great is that?!

After spending all afternoon/evening at the beach, hotdogs and s'mores on on the campfire, and a rousing game of 21 questions, we retired to our tent mansion for the night. About 10 minutes after getting in bed, it started POURING down rain. Thank goodness we had a rain fly, because it continued to rain all. night. long. At some point during the night, after the window got left open to the tent and made a puddle on the floor, Zoe ended up on our air mattress with us, making it something similar to sleeping in a taco. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep, but that didn't stop us from rising with the sun to take family photos.

You heard that right. Family photos after tent camping in the rain. I must be crazy, or some sort of glutton for punishment. It was cold, and that adorable little fire seen in some of those photo's didn't put off much heat. I used a remote and tripod for about 20 minutes before it started pouring down rain (again). 

Packing up and drying out the next day included more adventure and crazy moments, but it was such a memorable trip. Zoe is still talking about it, and ultimately, we all had an amazing time!

Cassie Duffle